Special Honors Bestowed at the Conclusion of Taikai – Michigan, USA

7During the celebratory dinner following the Michigan Taikai, Nidai Soke Okuyama granted an honor to a few individuals, it was both significant and unusual.

As most know, Hakkoryu’s standard remains as it has; issuance of Menjo (diploma) for “shodan” 1st grade through “yondan” 4th grade, followed by issuance of Menkyo (license) for Shihan and Kaiden. Hakkoryu’s grading and licensing system is a unique fusion of older and newer methods put in place by its Founder.

On the evening of 3 August 2014, some individuals having received the Sandaikichu makimono in the past were surprised to receive certificates from Nidai Soke Toshio (Ryuho) Okuyama written as “nanadan” or 7th grade. It was explained by him that the potential for this, and higher honors was established by his father, Shodai Soke Yoshiji (Ryuho) Okuyama for those who have made exemplary efforts in helping to promote Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Koho Shiatsu.

Besides those few who have received the same honor in Japan in the past, below are the individuals who received it in Michigan this month:

Larry Garron – Massachusetts, USA
George Wilson – California, USA
Joseph Miller – Tokyo, Japan
Steven Glaser – Oregon, USA
Jesus Bonilla – Oregon, USA
Gil Adams – California, USA
Garner Train – Michigan, USA
John Cole – Texas, USA
Devon Smith – Michigan, USA

It is Nidai Soke’s wish that everyone reading this will enjoy this resurgence of Hakkoryu and that each and every one of you take Hakkoryu Koho Shiatsu and Hakkoryu Jujutsu into your hearts.