Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent Claims By Outsiders

Outside of Japan there are various individuals and organizations that claim to teach or have affiliation with Hakkoryu. Some may use the word “Hakko” (八光) in the names of their systems, implying a connection or relationship to Hakkoryu So Hombu Dojo when none exists. Interested parties are hereby advised that most have no relationship at all to Hakkoryu. Many desire the legitimacy of such affiliation without the accompanying training, efforts, sacrifice, responsibilities, limitations, and burdens actual membership requires. This is true of those who have never had any training or affiliation at all with Hakkoryu as well as those who have been expelled or claim they have “retired” from Hakkoryu, but attempt to teach the Hakkoryu syllabus. Interested parties and prospective students are warned to be very careful to avoid all such individuals.

Please be clear: outside of publications printed and distributed by the Hakkoryu So Hombu Dojo (such as this website, books and manuals written by Shodai and Nidai Soke, and certain magazine articles), few books, manuals, videos, or other publications have been approved and sanctioned by the Hakkoryu Soke. For decades, Nidai Soke and the senior ryu Shihan have worked diligently to increase technical, personal, and behavioral standards for those in Hakkoryu and cleanse the ryu of undesirables. This has resulted in suspensions (“Jomei” 除名) and expulsions (“Hamon” 破門) and “retirements” of teachers, both within Japan and abroad.

Let it be known that the following groups and/or individuals never had or no longer have any legitimate connection whatsoever with Hakkoryu Jujutsu or Koho Shiatsu Igaku:

  • “Taizan Ryu / Peaceful Mountain System” (Joseph Miller – Tokyo, Japan and various locations in USA)
  • “Hakko Denshin Ryu” (Michael LaMonica, Antonio Garcia, Philip Schechter, etc. – various locations in USA, Canada and abroad)
  • “Hakko Densho Ryu/Hakkoryu Martial Arts Federation” (Dara Masi, Melanie Fine – California, USA)
  • “Brattleboro School of Budo” (Patrick Donahue – Vermont, USA)
  • “Nisei Bujutsu/Tatsumaki Dojo” (Harris Warren, Eric Taylor, Chris Hadley, etc. – Florida, USA)
  • “Nippon Seibukan/Keisatsu Dojo/Sobukan” (Mounir Ghrawi – Toronto, Canada)
  • “Hakkodo Bujutsu” (Roberto Valeri – Italy)
  • “Shorinji-ryu/Balliet International Karate/Hakkoryu Jujutsu Federation” (Kenneth Balliet – Pennsylvania, USA)
  • “Nihon Hakko Bujutsu Kai” (Jean Baptiste Glerant – various locations in Europe)
  • “Kilohana Martial Arts Association” (Claudio Artusi – Italy)
  • “German Hakko Ryu Association”, “Taijutsu Bayern” (Richard Cieslak, Francois Hensen – Germany)
  • “Takeda-ryu” (Roland Maroteaux – France)
  • “Hakko Dojo Galați/Jiko Clinic” (Gabriel Dutchevici – Galați and Bucharest, Romania)
  • “Instituto Sohaku-in/Sohaku-in Foundation” (Raimundo Cesar Bastos – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • “Académie Européenne de JuJitsu Traditionnel” (Jacques-Jean Quéro – Saint Jean de Védas, France)
  • “Theodorou Academy of Jiu Jitsu” (Nicholas Theodorou – Massachusetts, USA)
  • “Crosswinds Martial Arts” (Robert Tomaino, Joel Nott – Pennsylvania, USA)
  • “Hakko-ryu Herinois” (Charlie Hercheux, Bruno Adamik, Dominique Vanesse – Herin, France)
  • “Kansui Dojo Lubbeek” (Ivan Michaux – Lubbeek, Belgium)
  • “Hakkoryu Dojo Leueven” (Ludo Schodts, Luc Vandervelde – Leuven, Belgium)
  • “Honshü dojo Nieuwerkerken” (George Mets – Nieuwerkerken, Belgium)
  • “Hakkoryu Yuwa Dojo” (Benny Frederix – Zonhoven, Belgium)
  • “Selbstverteidigungsclub (Self Defense Club) Yama Lechtal/Innsbruck Hakko Ryu Ju-Jutsu” (Luc Struyf – Häselgehr, Austria)
  • “Nokado School of Self Defense” (John Olshlager – New York, USA)
  • “Kazan Dojo” (Thomas Renner – New York, USA)
  • “CAMV: Centre Arts Martiaux Veyrier/Nihon Hakko Bujutsu Kai” (Xavier Montandon, Roger Zucchero – Switzerland)
  • “Zen Hakko Kai” (various locations in Europe)
  • “Bumon Artes Marciales” (Peter Vermeeren – Teruel, Spain)
  • “Okuyama Ryū” (Zenon Liszkiewicz and others – various locations in Europe)