Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Koho Shiatsu News

US Shihans Summer 2022 meeting

Over 20 U.S Shihans met via Zoom, Friday August 26 with representatives of Hombu. US Shihans across the country shared updates on their Dojos and study of Hakkoryu. It was great […]

US Shihans Zoom Meeting

An informational meeting for all United States Shihans will be held in August 2022 – Date and Time to be announced. This meeting will be an opportunity for all US […]

Hombu Spokespersons for Overseas Regions

Official announcement from Hakkoryu Honbu:   The Hakkoryu Honbu nominated following Shihans as Honbu spokespersons for US regions, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Please contact those spokespersons if you […]

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