Hakkoryu Taikai 2023 – Sept 8-10, Brno, Czech Republic

International Hakkoryu Taikai 2023

September 8th – 10th, 2023

Brno, Czech Republic

Instructed directly by Soke Okuyama Toshio and his son, Okuyama Takashi.

Hosted by Kaiden Shihan Sandaikichu Michal Coupek and Otokodate Dojo.

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Dear Hakkoryu enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to bring you news of our highly anticipated event – the unique HAKKORYU Jujutsu seminar is taking place in less than a month! We would like to extend our warmest invitation and hope you will receive this unexpected information with excitement. Despite the approaching date, we believe this invitation to an event filled with passion and learning will be warmly embraced. We look forward to your presence as we come together to create an unforgettable experience filled with HAKKORYU and the sharing of knowledge.

Mark your calendars for the dates 8th to 10th September 2023 and prepare yourself for an extraordinary training experience! Soke OKUYAMA TOSHIO and his son OKUYAMA TAKASHI are eager to meet you and personally guide you through techniques in the highest quality, just as they are practiced at Honbu Dojo. This is an unparalleled opportunity that we have lovingly prepared to offer you the very best of HAKKORYU Jujutsu.

Please note that the focus of this seminar will be on the techniques from Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, and Yondan levels, and on their pure execution in the highest quality under the supervision of the most qualified teachers. This is a rare chance to learn from the masters of HAKKORYU Jujutsu and improve your skills and understanding of this amazing art. On Saturday, the seminar will be open to other styles as well, and Soke will demonstrate the applications of the techniques, show a sample of Koho Shiatsu Igaku, and introduce Goshin Taiso. This will be a great opportunity to see the versatility and depth of HAKKORYU Jujutsu and to learn from its successor and his son.

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