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Taikai 2023 Brno

Hakkoryu Taikai 2023 – Sept 8-10, Brno, Czech Republic

International Hakkoryu Taikai 2023 September 8th – 10th, 2023 Brno, Czech Republic Instructed directly by Soke Okuyama Toshio and his son, Okuyama Takashi. Hosted by Kaiden Shihan Sandaikichu Michal Coupek and Otokodate Dojo. Click here for Taikai and Registration information.   Dear Hakkoryu enthusiasts, We are thrilled to bring you news of our highly anticipated […]

US Shihans Summer 2022 meeting

Over 20 U.S Shihans met via Zoom, Friday August 26 with representatives of Hombu. US Shihans across the country shared updates on their Dojos and study of Hakkoryu. It was great to reconnect and see old friends! We were honored to have Nidai Soke Okuyama Ryuho join us at the meeting! A recording of the meeting […]

US Shihans – Date and Time of Zoom Meeting

The informational meeting for all United States Shihans will be held via Zoom on the evening of Friday, August 26. All US Shihans should have received an email invitation from SDK Joseph Adornato with the Zoom Link.  If you have not received an invitation, please contact your regional Spokesperson.   US Time Zones Friday, August […]

US Shihans Zoom Meeting

An informational meeting for all United States Shihans will be held in August 2022 – Date and Time to be announced. This meeting will be an opportunity for all US Shihan to communicate with each other and with the Hombu. The meeting will be hosted by the US Spokespersons: SDK Shihan Steve Glaser for US […]

Hombu Spokespersons for Overseas Regions

Official announcement from Hakkoryu Honbu:   The Hakkoryu Honbu nominated following Shihans as Honbu spokespersons for US regions, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Please contact those spokespersons if you have questions regarding registration, promotion and etc. Those spokespersons will help and advise you by communication with Hakkoryu Honbu.   Spokespersons can be contacted via […]