Keikogi (uniform) Guidelines

The Hombu has asked that keikogi guidelines be announced:

  1. Uniforms consist of white tops and pants. Tops must be traditional Japanese “left closing over right” and not pullover.
  2. Purple coloring of Hakkoryu crest Yotsume-no-mon (four diamonds enclosed in circle) or lettering on the uniform is reserved for any Shihan in good standing with the Hakkoryu Hombu. Yudansha and Mudansha emblem/design colors should be black or other dark, neutral colors.
  3. The Hakkoryu design can be on the front left of the chest, centered on the back, or both.
  4. In the presence of Nidai Soke, Hakamas are worn only by those holders of Menkyo Shihan and above licensing.

If you require further clarification or have any further questions please contact SanDaiKichu Shihan Joseph Miller at