Rotary Clubs Gather for Hakkoryu Demonstration – Michigan, USA


rotary1Nidai Soke Okuyama and Joseph Stricker were invited by the three Rotary Clubs in the Michigan Greater Bay Area to demonstrate and discuss how Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Koho Shiatsu Igaku are intertwined.

Among the audience on August 11, 2014 were professionals of all ages and backgrounds, including Japanese ex-patriots eager to meet Soke, and medical doctors and neurologists extremely curious about the unique hybrid that Hakkoryu presents which combines self-defense and medicine.

Soke and Kaiden-kichu Joeseph Miller demonstrated Shiatsu on audience volunteers. Kaiden-kichu Gil Adams mingled with the group, offering hands-on work while the demonstration and discussion took place. Kaiden-kichu Devon Smith and Errol Poe Shihan demonstrated how the fundamentals of Koho Shiatsu translate into self-defense with relaxation and abandonment of strength.

Even though the allotted time for the demonstration was exceeded by almost an hour, the Rotary members stayed throughout, giving sincere attention and asking many questions during the event.

We would like to extend our very special thanks to Ms. Shannon Medel of the Japanese Cultural Center of Saginaw, MI for her assistance.