Thank you for a successful Embukai!

Thank you to all that attended the Hakkoryu Jikiden (direct transmission of mysteries/skills) sessions and Embukai in New Jersey, USA.

By all accounts this event was a huge success, bringing people together (many for the first time) from many distant places around the world.

Of course our thanks to Nidai Soke Okuyama for spending a long time away from home in order to transmit Shihan, Kaiden and Sandaikichu teachings, as well as the valuable instruction he provided for all attendees during the weekend’s open training sessions. It was a special treat for everyone to see and have an opportunity to practice some techniques that were only taught in the early days during his father’s time, some that weren’t seen except by those who trained with Shodai Soke in the 1950’s. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

A special thanks goes to Sandaikichu Shihan Joseph Miller who played a pivotal role in bringing everyone together for such a positive event, as well as his dear wife Yuri who was indispensable in her translating between Japanese and English, especially some of the more difficult concepts contained in the training.

Also thanks to the instructors Sensei Fred Bernier and Shihan Jerry Tardi at Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai in Bayonne, NJ for all their work before, during and after the event making this possible.

Nidai Soke expressed his feelings several times about how the event surpassed his expectations and congratulated those attending the jikiden sessions on their quick learning curve, dedication and focus.

Everyone agrees this event served as a catalyst for Hakkoryu’s future in North America and beyond. The future is brighter than ever!