Ronald Ramirez


Shihan Number: 3328
Shihan Date: 08/08/2014
Location: Arizona, USA

Ron Ramirez was born in The Bronx (New York City), New York USA. After his family moved to Long Island, NY in 1965 he was first exposed to Hakkoryu. In 1971 he left to attend college in Puerto Rico, returning to New York and Hakkoryu in 1972.

Later marrying and moving to Phoenix, Arizona USA, he continued his Hakkoryu training under then-Shihan Palumbo. After Mr. Palumbo’s retirement, Mr. Ramirez reaffirmed his affiliation with Hakkoryu Hombu dojo.

Ron received Menkyo Shihan from Nidai Soke Okuyama following the 2014 Taikai held in Michigan, USA, and is the Owner/Operator of the Hakkoryu Teiydo Dojo in Phoenix, Arizona USA.