Attention Shihan:

1. To initiate the process of recommending a student for Shihan Jikiden, or for a current Shihan to request further training from Nidai Soke, contact your Regional Representative. Jikiden, Renshi and Shiatsu payments are to be made directly to Nidai Soke Okuyama prior to the start of the sessions. Announcements will be made if or when down payments are required.

2. Only payment for Shihan Annual Dues is to be made to Hombu Dojo using PayPal to SDK Joseph Miller:

Always include your Shihan number with all correspondence.

3. All other payment such as Initial Student Registration, Annual Student Dues, purchases such as Dan Certificates, Hombu issued Keikogi, Obi and other items is to be made to your Regional Representative’s PayPal account:

For North America and Europe, Joseph Miller:

For Latin America, Jesús Bonilla:

4. To obtain the latest forms and pricing, contact Devon Smith: